We work tirelessly to demonstrate our commitment to the Safety of your workforce, and event patrons. Our focus is simple; Providing the highest quality of field emergency medical support anywhere, anytime for our clients.

We have a best practice model for medical standby, ensuring all personal safety measures are taken, while augmenting the safety directives of our client. Our business exists because you value Safety and all of Our Values support this non-negotiable mission, one that Synergy Emergency Medical Solutions takes seriously.

In addition to quality assurance program for medical care, we have full medical liability, and Workers Compensation Board insurance. Our EMR’s, EMT’s and Paramedics are highly skilled, experienced, and practice underneath the oversight our Physician/Medical Director. We will customize a medical support service for you that is both cost effective and exceeds your expectations.

Synergy Emergency Medical Solutions Inc.

At SYNERGY Emergency Medical Solutions Inc. we provide a full suite of medical standby services by which businesses can choose the best solution for their environment. If you are unsure which level of service/support you might require we are well versed in legislative requirements and can recommend the best options given location and risk exposure. Your need for service could be as short as a single day to several months for each of which we will customize a cost effective program for your needs.

SYNERGY Emergency Medical Solutions Inc. offers medical support at each of the three pre-hospital care providers outlined in the Province of Alberta
EMT-P Emergency Medical Technologist -Paramedic
EMT-A Emergency Medical Technician-Ambulance
EMR Emergency Medical Responder