Event Medical Standby

Emergency medical standby for your sporting and special events

Sporting Events
Providing top quality medical support to both athletes and patrons. Our experienced EMS personnel will manage all medical or trauma incidents at your events. We can easily service both amateur and professional events, providing a high standard of care until local EMS staff arrives. Event types can range from a triathlon to mixed martial arts event, basically you name it we can be there. Immediate care by one of our EMR’s, EMT’s or Paramedics can often make the difference!

Concerts, Special Events and Large Gatherings
When you have large gatherings the incidence of medical emergencies goes up. Large crowds and general access can often impede attention to the sick or injured by local emergency services. By having one of our staff there you can rest assured, should there be an incident the most rapid access to a patient is possible.

Movies and Television
Our staff is available for television and movie sets for medical standby. We will deliver the same high quality of care as seen in our other areas of service. This means providing an individual or team to ensure rapid medical care of actors and staff in any location.

Schedule: We offer these services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Highest quality field emergency medical support anywhere, anytime for our clients

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